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Suspended Thrill

- taking fashion to a whole new level -


・┆✦ Featuring ✦ ┆・ SEKA @ ACCESS [⭐Apr 12 - May 08⭐]

╰┈➤ Leatherette Longsleeve

copy/mod. 2 main and 2 sleeve looks, plus a ton of mix/match options, glow

🚺 Reborn, Lara, Lara Petite, Khara, Kupra, Kupra Kups(ab), Legacy, Perky

access 🚕🚕:

mainstore 🚕🚕:

📱🔗socials 🔗 📲

SEKA's Socials

・┆✦ Featuring ✦ ┆・ TRUTH Collective x FAGA @ Mainstores [⭐now!!⭐]

╰┈➤ Pihu Hair

updo with lots of different color options, 4 styles, 3 sizes

faga 🚕🚕:

truth 🚕🚕:

📱🔗socials 🔗 📲

FAGA Socials

Truth Socials

・┆✦ Featuring ✦ ┆・ [GOS] @ Fameshed X [⭐Apr 10 - May 06⭐]

╰┈➤ Chastity Spiked Pumps - Fetish Collection

16 colors mix/match

🚺 Maitreya, eBody, genX, Kupra, Legacy

fameshed x 🚕🚕:

mainstore 🚕🚕:

📱🔗socials 🔗 📲

[GOS] Boutique Socials

❤️ TᕼᗩᑎK YOᑌ ❤️



╰┈➤ body: reborn

╰┈➤ deformers: reborn juicy rolls addon

╰┈➤ head: el evox avalon

╰┈➤ skins: deetalez skin faye for lelevox brows none mediter, mila skin with my custom overlay part

╰┈➤ overlays: sizl ffeetie deetts crave dark, theskinnery bom body beauty marks, marpesia cellulite

╰┈➤ shoes: gos chastity spiked pumps fetish ebody

╰┈➤ cosmetics: theskinnery thin eyeliner, theskinnery sun burn, izzie's winter glam eyeshadow copper, ft angel moles for lelutka evox, izzie's nostril lightener, glitter siwa, 4l chin shine evo x tintable, 4l nose cupids bow evo x tintable pink, 4l jawline shine evo x tintable marroon

╰┈➤ jewelry: vobe lyar earrings gold lel evox, vibing emma rings gold ebody linked

╰┈➤ nails: le forme bento nails m02 gparty reborn

╰┈➤ hair : truth pihu size

╰┈➤ outfit: seka's leatherette longsleeve, 28la lovie skirt fp rolls

╰┈➤scene: SIZL work platform, Midjourney photobash background


Raw photo taken in black dragon in various lighting, background removed

work platform & cables made in blender

background from Midjourney prompt far left high range 60 degree angle, blue grey city : realism : construction --ar 16:9 --niji 5 after several iterations

Inspiration pic from Pinterest

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