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  • Whoop Daisy

Scholarly Seclusion

- the pages whispered to her deep in the night -


・┆✦ Featuring ✦ ┆・ Avale @ Tres Chic [⭐Apr 17 - May 10⭐]

╰┈➤ Raja Dress

turtleneck and long sleeve available in 10 colors [top and bottom]

🚺 Maitreya, Reborn, GenX Classic & Curvy, Kupra, Erika & Legacy

tres chic 🚕🚕:

mainstore 🚕🚕:

・┆✦ Featuring ✦ ┆・ TRUTH x FAGA @ Equal10 [⭐Apr 10 - May 05⭐]

╰┈➤ Promise Hair

pony tail, 3 hair size options, tons of color options, 4 styles

equal10 🚕🚕:

equal10 cam sim 🚕🚕:

FAGA mainstore 🚕🚕:

Truth mainstore 🚕🚕:

📱🔗socials 🔗 📲

❤️ TᕼᗩᑎK YOᑌ ❤️

Avale ⇧ FAGA ⇧ Truth ⇧ Chalo ⇧ Avanti ⇧ Bondi


╰┈➤ body: belleza genx curvy body sl uvs, belleza genx dainty curvy

╰┈➤ deformers: pretty liars genx flat belly level, pretty liars genx low back reduction level

╰┈➤ head: lel evox halle

╰┈➤ skins: deetalez skin delaila for lelevox brows none east, belleza genx bodyskin slfeet tone, ebeauty universal neckblend evo x honey, bb ebody body bom buttermilk fit

╰┈➤ nails: livia hazel bento nails belleza genx

╰┈➤ cosmetics: joy classic eyelashes for lel evo x app, theskinnery nasofolds, izzie's lel evo x heart mole l lip, booty's beauty cheery glitter, booty's beauty cheery lips

╰┈➤ jewelry: chalo birth stone bracelet left, chalo wh/lta earrings, livia hazel bento nails belleza genx

╰┈➤ accessories: bondi dave sunglasses fatpack

╰┈➤ hair : truth collective promise

╰┈➤ outfit: avale raja genx curvy

╰┈➤ heels: avanti sherie heels genx high

╰┈➤scene: photobash


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