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  • Whoop Daisy

Metropolitan Muse

- In the heart of the city, she stands,

A vision of style and grace.

Her fur coat shimmers in the light,

Diamond boots, a perfect pace.

Her hair, so dark and flowing,

Italian flair in every strand.

A siren of the urban world,

Mystery and glamour at her command.

In the streets of Manhattan,

She's a beacon of fashion and flair.

A goddess of the concrete jungle,

A city queen beyond compare. -


・┆✦ Featuring ✦ ┆・ L.I.C [Lyndydia] @ Mainstore

╰┈➤ Tiffany

Bodysuit and Capris. Hud Driven [Bodysuit/Straps/Fur/Pants] - 10 Presets, unlimited combinations.

maitreya, legacy, prima busty, prima petite, ebody reborn

mainstore 🚕🚕:

location: Wandering New York -

❤️ TᕼᗩᑎK YOᑌ ❤️

LIC ⇧ Reign ⇧ DOUX ⇧ LOGO ⇧ November ⇧ Kaiden Tray ⇧ Orsini ⇧ Addams


╰┈➤ body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4

╰┈➤ body mods: Pretty Liars- Flat Belly + Low back reduction level 2

╰┈➤ head: LOGO Paris Advanced Head v1.0

╰┈➤ eyes: AG. Noel Eyes - BoM - 09 - C [Avi-Glam] with LOGO Eye Options Eye Effects Shine

╰┈➤ skins: IVES - Liya Skin (EvoX) - VE SUNKISS V2 - Brows, FT - Kaya Beauty Marks For LeL EVOX, VELOUR x VENUS for EBODY REBORN (SUNKISS/ATHLETIC)

╰┈➤ cosmetics: LUCCI - Bonus Bronzer 40

╰┈➤ jewelry: Nov-Horus Pyramid Earrings (G) [November], Orsini Jewelry INFINITY Choker Reborn, Nov-Revenge Necklace Gold 1 [November]

╰┈➤ hair : DOUX - Morning Hairstyle [XS/ Big bun]

╰┈➤ nails: Le Forme Bento Nails M01 Fume Gold Reborn

╰┈➤ outfit: L.I.C. Tiffany Outfit [Lyndydia], Addams // Rio Fur Coat // Reborn

╰┈➤ shoes: REIGN.- Mira Pumps - EBODY HIGH - FATPACK

╰┈➤scene: Wandering New York

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