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LibraStyle 934: 80 Days

ƸӜƷ ------------FEATURING--------------- ƸӜƷ

ERSCH Gatecrasher Lingerie, Shirt, Garters, Collarpins– MAINSTORE

Sizes - Legacy, Perky, Lara, Petite, Kupra, Reborn

Each shirt pack has HUD for collar, belts, metal & buttons.

Fatpacks are copy\mod.

Magapack contains everything & discounted.


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Photographed in Black Dragon 64x – 4.04 Visualizing Dragon in Ultra High

Edited in Photoshop 2022

Location: 80Days

Everything I’m wearing:

Purple Beauty - Bond Glossy Collection - Lelutka EvoX - 06 50%

.ARISE. Love Bites 1 (dark)

Hoodlem - Libra Tattoo x Faded (BOM)

[LERONSO] HAIRBASE v11 for Lelutka EVO X - 5 R

.MILA. Belly Legacy [Toffee] SKINNY

.MILA. Pubic Hair [STRIPE]

.MILA. Nipples TOFFEE [Style 3]

.MILA. Cleavage TOFFEE [Hanging]

.MILA. Dana Toffee [LeL EvoX] Dark

[Cinnamon Cocaine] Beauty Marks II - #4

.little devil. - tummy stretchies v.1 (new)

LERONSO// Veins on Breast - 1

. MILA . Jenny Honey [LeLutka BOM] Browless

.Aidhona. Body Moles

/ HEAD / lel EvoX INEZ 3.1

ERSCH - Gatecrasher {Legacy} collarpins

ERSCH - Gatecrasher {Legacy} garter L

ERSCH - Gatecrasher {Legacy} garter R

ERSCH - Gatecrasher {Legacy} panties

ERSCH - Gatecrasher {Legacy} shirt

ERSCH - Gatecrasher {Legacy} top


WINGS-TO1220-HAIR (Medium)

[BODY] Legacy (f) (1.4)

.MILA. Body Skin [Legacy] TOFFEE


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