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LibraStyle 715: Mother Earth

✅ Dreamcatcher Marmalade Dress [UPDATE] – Mainstore [Saturday Sale!]

· Compatible with Legacy, Maitreya, Kupra for Female and Legacy, Belleza for Male.Fatpack with HUD (2 options) 50% off

· Single colors 75L$ (regular 199L$)

· Ad Here:

✅ Zibska Speckles Deux Universal Tattoo’s and Orbits (arms) [UPDATE] – Mainstore

✅ Petrichor Malevi Orbs and Earrings – Warehouse Sale

· 6 Wear Versions

· Animated Hold on Attach

· 2 HUDs included – 58 Metals

· After Event @ Mainstore

Process Time: 4 hours 15 min

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Photographed in Black Dragon 64x – 3.9.5 Visualizing Dragon

Edited in Photoshop 2021

Raw and/or Extra Shots:


Zibska Speckles Deux 05

/ HEAD / lel EvoX IRINA 3.1

:[P]:- Malevi Earring [L]

:[P]:- Malevi Earring [R]

:[P]:- Malevi Orb [Static-Left]

DREAMCATCHER // Marmalade dress - Legacy

leafs mask

VCO Mesh Bamboo leaf fly / Resizer

Zibska Speckles Left Lower Orbit

Zibska Speckles Left Upper Orbit

Zibska Speckles Right Lower Orbit

Zibska Speckles Right Upper Orbit

[BODY] Legacy (f) (1.4)

-Skin is photoshopped

-Saplings are Photoshopped

-‘Fern hair” is photoshopped

Butterflies, Trees, Earth – all photoshopped in

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