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LibraStyle 702: Cyber Tinker

:: Featuring: #BIGGIRL with NORMANDY, VIENA | Dreamcatcher | Pure Rich::

✅ Normandy Rev Dress – #BIGGIRL [8/15 – 9/10]

· Sizes: Legacy Feminine, Perky, Perky Petite, Maitreya Lara, Petite

· After Event @ Mainstore

✅ Viena. Diabla HW Lingerie [shorts – BOM]- #BIGGIRL [8/15 – 9/10]

· Light and Dark Version

· After Event @ Mainstore

✅ Dreamcatcher Vespa Wings - Mainstore

· Unrigged, Glow, Tint HUD

✅ Pure Rich Goth Shoe - Mainstore

· Belleza, Inithium, Legacy, Maitreya

Click blog wardrobe to download the list of all worn items in the photo. If you don’t have the Microsoft Office Suite, you can still download Excel Documents, see article here if you need help.

blog wardrobe (version 1).xlsb
Download XLSX • 22KB

** after checking the blog wardrobe, feel free to hit me up on Facebook messenger or inworld (WhoopCDaisy Yootz) if you need assistance locating any of my blogged items **

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Photographed in Black Dragon 64x – 3.9.5 Visualizing Dragon

Edited in Photoshop 2021

Raw and/or Extra Shots:

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