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LibraStyle 676: Repair Shop

🤖 Normandy | Cynful | Sunniva | Leronso 🤖

◊ Normandy Mushi Suit – PLANET29 [July 29 – August 22]

▶ Sizes: Freya, Hourglass, Kupra, Legacy, Perky, Maitreya

After event: Mainstore

◊ Normandy-Yono.Collar – Mainstore

▶ Unrigged, copy/mod, 14 metal colors in 2 styles (new and weathered) & customize HUD. Item made for Whim. Official Website:

◊ Cynful Piercings [all] – Mainstore

▶ Sizes included

Legacy + Perky (for the nipples)

Maitreya Lara + Petite (for the nipples)

Kupra + v1/v2 (for the nipples)

Belleza Freya

Slink Hourglass

▶ Fatpack 1:

Arm Piercing - Left+Right ON/OFF option

Collarbone Piercing - Left+Right ON/OFF option

Hip Piercing - Left+Right ON/OFF option

Belly Piercings - ON/OFF Option

▶ Fatpack 2:

Stocking Seam Piercing - Left+Right ON/OFF option

Nipple Piercing - Left+Right ON/OFF option

And you can choose between Lara + Petite, Legacy + Perky and Kupra V1 + V2

Cleavage Piercing - ON/OFF option

Chocker Piercing - ON/OFF option

▶ Fatpack 3:

Knuckle Bento Piercings: each knuckle ON/OFF option, knuckle ON/OFF all together

Garter Piercings - Left+Right ON/OFF option

Back Dimple Piercings - Left+Right ON/OFF option

Spine Piercings - Left+Right ON/OFF option

▶ All sets include 8 metal colors as well as 30 diamond colors.

See product ad here

◊ [Sunniva] .himawari Cyberpunk Tattoo, Body Wires, Eyeliner, Face Wires, Lipstick - Mainstore

▶ lipstick and eyeliner for Lelutka Evo only. The body wires are BOM and have appliers for Maitreya and Legacy The tattoos are BOM only. Face Tattoo is for Lelutka EVO.

◊ [LERONSO] CINDY skin for Lelutka EVO X – Beauty Event [July 21 – Aug 08]

▶ for Lelutka EVO X only

Click blog wardrobe to download the list of all worn items in the photo.

blog wardrboe
Download XLSX • 18KB

** after checking the blog wardrobe, feel free to hit me up on Facebook messenger or inworld (WhoopCDaisy Yootz) if you need assistance locating any of my blogged items **

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Photographed in Black Dragon 64x – 3.9.5 Visualizing Dragon

Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2021

Raw and/or Extra Shots:

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