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LibraStyle 637: WYD?

Featuring: eBento with 7 Deadly Skins, No. Match, Enemy, Pacagaia, Kokoro, Canarun

[7DS] - BODY 2020 WONDERING bom skin OAK browless – eBento

NO.MATCH_NO_GRUNGE [Hair] – eBento

long straight hair , rigged mesh alpha hair , unisex , 2 styles

Enemy: Hina Tattoo– eBento

BOM -30/50/70/100

Pacagaia - Lexxis Set [top/shorts] – eBento

Sizes: freya, hourglass, isis, legacy, maitreya

Kokoro - Cristiele Bento Breathing Set [w/phone] – eBento

Old Gas Station Backdrop - CANARUN– eBento

Click blog wardrobe to download the list of all worn items in the photo.

blog wardrboe
Download XLSX • 13KB

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Photographed in Black Dragon 64x – 3.9.5 Visualizing Dragon

Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2021

Raw Shot:

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