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LibraStyle 607: Everyday Living in Rosemont District

Sponsors: Scandalize, Cinnamon Cocaine

Cinnamon Cocaine Diva Sunglasses [wearing coconut] โ€“ Dubai Event [6/20]

๐Ÿ‘‰10 bold colors, glasses are copy/mod

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Scandalize Alvida Set (Cover up & Bikini) - Mainstore

๐Ÿ‘‰ Fits โ€“ Maitreya โ€“ Legacy โ€“ Freya โ€“ Isis โ€“ Hourglass

399L Big Fatpack! LIMITED TIME DEAL!!!

Comes with Cover up, Bikini, and wedges!!

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::the vibe:: <click for the jams>::


Head & Body AK Advanced] Head W13 LEL EVO UV [BODY] Legacy (f) (1.4) Skin . MILA . LEGACY Honey / Normal+Push-Up . MILA . Jenny Honey [LeLutka BOM] Browless Tattoo Infinity Tattoo 50% BoM LERONSO// Veins on Breast - 1 .little devil. - tummy stretchies v.1 (new) .Aidhona. Body Moles Makeup {CowTea} Boudior Memoirs Eyeshadow #3 [ MUDSKIN ]_BAKED BLUSH # RED Hair Tableau Vivant \\ Janelle - Fades Tableau Vivant \\ Lelutka HB 12 - Light brown [p] schamhaar - pubic hair 001 Jewelry (Yummy) Zodiac Rings โ€“ Legacy Kibitz - Jenni's left bracelet - fatpack INORI - CatEarrings Cynful Upper Class Necklace - Legacy Female ROSSI. COCO Diamond Belly Chain.Silver-Legacy Nails alme. Mesh Stiletto Nails - Legacy [Wear me!] Accessories [Cinnamon Cocaine] Diva Glasses - Coconut (add) Outfit Scandalize.Alvida COVER UP. LEGACY Scandalize.Alvida PANTY. LEGACY Scandalize.Alvida TOP. LEGACY

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Photographed in Black Dragon 64x โ€“ 3.9.5 Visualizing Dragon

Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2021


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