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LibraStyle 587: Just Like Honey

Featuring My Sponsor: eBento with Pacagaia

Pacagaia - Mikasa Set [top/bottom/belt] - eBento

๐Ÿ‘‰ sizes: maitreya, legacy, belleza [freya/isis], hourglass

๐Ÿ‘‰ mix and match HUD 22 colors

::the vibe:: <click for the jams>::


Head & Body .[AK Advanced] Head W12 LEL EVO UV [BODY] Legacy (f) Perky (1.3.3) Skin --- PUMEC - BOM - LELUTKA (HEAD ONLY) - JUNE - BROWLESS ---PUMEC -BOM - LELUTKA / LEGACY - JUNE - DARK BROWS Hair tram K0525 hair Nails :[P]:- Vaera Nails [Legacy Femme]- Jewelry [ rD ] Rochelle Necklace [ glow ] studio - Stud Cross Earrings EarthStones Yin Yang Harmony Bracelets Outfit Pacagaia - Mikasa Set // LEGACY BELT Pacagaia - Mikasa Set // LEGACY SHORTS Pacagaia - Mikasa Set // LEGACY TOP Accessories *LODE* Head Accessory - Wild Roses II Crown [deep red]

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Photographed in Black Dragon 64x โ€“ 3.9.5 Visualizing Dragon

Edited in Adobe Photoshop 2021



Composite Photo:

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