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LibraStyle-242 Three Wishes

Featuring my Sponsor: Petrichor

:[P]: Petrichor Castanys Kel Gatcha - The Epiphany (Jan 15th)

This incredible Gacha affords you a chance to collect so many high quality items for your fantasy role play experience or just everyday wear! Options include; full bom skin with many tattoo options to accent the outfit, infinite outfit (full), stygian outfit (full), magical bento orb, top & string, panty & hip string, collar, legs w/HUD, bom tattoo, arms w/HUD, earrings w/HUD, bindi w/HUD, and decorated horns or mesh glitter eyes (RARES). You don’t wanna miss out on this one!!!!

Also Shown:

Legacy Perky Body

Legacy Nuri 2.5 Head

Limerence Eva Hair

Emotions Hairbase 3.0 (white) BOM

Photography and Post Editing by WhoopCDaisy Yootz

The Reigning SL Next Top Model 2020

The 9th Annual Dope Awards 2021 Nominee *Breakout* SL Fashion Blogger

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Photographed in Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.8.10 "Enhancing Dragon"

Photo Location: alpha tribe

Raw Shot:

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