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LibraStyle 1345 [Squid Games]

ERSCH Ursien Bodysuit

[Corset | Panties | Armbands | Collar]

Lara + Petite, Legacy + Perky, Reborn + Mounds, Kupra, Gen X Curvy

Location: Necrotize [Oct 07- Nov 07]


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Black Dragon (64bit)

4.0.5 - Refreshing Dragon

Edited in Photoshop 2022

What I’m Wearing [Sponsors Linked above]:


*TSM* Troiian Empress - S.E. Blitz - Base

MARPESIA Pubic Hair - 02


/ HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.1

REBORN by eBODY v1.69.3


:Dernier: "Shine" Body Glitter #1

:Dernier: "Shine" Face Glitter

:Dernier: "Shine" Body Glitter #2

EVERMORE. [ skin.tone - tint/adjust ] - 50%

Nuve. Emily fantasy skin browless (Lelutka Evo X) - Limestone

4L - Nose Shine EVO X (Tintable)

4L - Jawline Shine EVO X (Tintable)

CURELESS[+] Kimora Markings / DARK

Brisa Vine TaTToo 75% [CAROL G] ADD

[AERTH] Creature Genetics Mole Lower Lip Evox

[AERTH] Creature Genetics 3 White (Tintable) Evox

[AERTH] Creature Genetics Moon Dots (Tintable) Evox

[AERTH] Creature Genetics Brows 3 White (Tintable) Evox

[AERTH] Creature Genetics 2 Emerald Evox

[AERTH] Creature Genetics 5 Black 25 Evox

[AERTH] Creature Genetics 5 poison 75 Evox

[AERTH] Creature Genetics Eyeshadow 1 v9 Evox


CURELESS[+] Kimora Fins (AlphaBlend)

:Dernier: "Shine" Rigged Animated Bling (ER)

::Static:: R'lyeh Tentacles - 06 Abyss Earring L

::Static:: R'lyeh Tentacles - 06 Abyss Earring R

[Cubic Cherry] {Kraken Hug} rigged A (Female Thicc bodies)


Made in Black Dragon using Poser


ERSCH - Ursien Armbands {Reborn}

ERSCH - Ursien Collar {Reborn}

ERSCH - Ursien Corset {Reborn}

ERSCH - Ursien Panties {Reborn}

:[P&E]:- Varkylde Garter - eBody - Shadow


0.5LI mesh water illusion square v3 swamp

[Cubic Cherry] {Tentacles Army} packs A&B

[Artisan Eden] Hades Gate

[Artisan Eden] Fear The Cerberus

Octopus unlinked& resized from [7+] KRAKEN : UNDERWATER SCENE

[CC] Twinkle FeatherFern

Bad Katz Wicked Thorn Vine_5 1

Colored Textured Prims behind and under



Raw Picture:



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