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LibraStyle 1279 [Maizenne]

Beauty Factory Lolita Set (FatPack)


Legacy – Maitreya – eBody - Kupra

Location: Kinky Event [Apr 12 – May 08]

Beauty Factory Store Links

Petrichor & Trap Nariverus Skin, Tattoo, Eyes

Petrichor Lekno Horns

Petrichor Maizenne Earrings

Petrichor Keriise Orb

Location: Fantasy Faire [Apr 21 – May 08]

Petrichor Links

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Photographed in Black Dragon 64x – 4.0.4 Visualizing Dragon in Ultra High

Edited in Photoshop 2022

What I’m Wearing [Sponsors Linked above]:


Foxy - Eden. (XS/LelutkaEvo)


:[P]:- Onalei Creature Eye [L-Concave] v.1.2

:[P]:- Onalei Creature Eye [R-Concave] v.1.2

/ HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.1

[BODY] Legacy (f) (1.4)


:[P]:- Addon [CoolOverlay]

:[P]:- Nariverus Addon F [Face-Evo-X-Full] - Eremurusa

:[P]:- Nariverus Base F [BOM-Legacy] - Eremurusa

:[P]:- Addon [Freckles-Cheeks-EVO-X]

:[P]:- Addon [BrightOverlay]

:[P]:- Addon [BeautymarksEVO-X]

:[P]:- Nariverus Addon [TAT-Head-EvoX-Full] - Eremurusa

:[P]:- Nariverus Addon [TAT-Body-EvoX-F] - Eremurusa

:[P]:- Nariverus Addon F/M [Ears-Evo-X] - Eremurusa


:[P]:- Dynla Necklace [Legacy-LO] Point

:[P]:- Dynla Necklace [Legacy-MED] Deco

:[P]:- Dynla Necklace [Legacy-SH] Point

:[P]:- Keriise Orb [Octa-R]

:[P]:- Lekno horns [TallCel-Sparkle]

:[P]:- Maizenne Gem Earring [Left]

:[P]:- Maizenne Gem Earring [Right]

- Secrets - Ayla Anklet - Gold - Legacy - (L) - Mid

- Secrets - Ayla Anklet - Gold - Legacy - (R) - Mid


.BF. Lolita Shorts FATPACK -LEGACY-

.BF. Lolita Top Clean FATPACK -LEGACY-


Lost Unicorn



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