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LibraStyle 1193 [Wisdom]

I really couldn’t get over how detailed Mignonne’s Megan Skin with BOM Body Bosom Skin is! Featured in the main photo is the April Version of the skin. Shape is included, and I’m wearing the shape with only slight modifications to the original provided. Below find the complete collection showcased!! Paired with Gorsimi’s Anxiety Lipstick and Pout’s Soul Shadows, she’s ready for anything!

Mignonne Megan Skin [EVO X]

🚕Direct TP to Skin Fair

After @ Mignonne

Gorsimi - Anxiety Lipsticks (LEL EVO // EVOX)

🚕Direct TP to Skin Fair

After @ Gorsimi

[POUT!] Soul Shadows - LeL Evo X

🚕Direct TP to Skin Fair

After @ Pout

Skin Fair Information

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Photographed in Black Dragon 64x – 4.0.4 Visualizing Dragon in Ultra High

Edited in Photoshop 2022

What I’m Wearing [Sponsors Linked above]:


Sintiklia - Hair Chang Wook(with back) Unrigged


/ HEAD / lel EvoX INEZ 3.1

[BODY] Legacy (f) (1.4)


[Mignonne] Megan brows Evox Inez

[Mignonne] Bosom body [April, March, May, Nov, Oct]

Megan evoX with Brow [April, March, May, Nov, Oct]

[POUT!] Soul Shadows - Burnt wood

Gorsimi Anxiety Lipsticks


e.marie // Aida Earrings - Golds { L }

e.marie // Aida Earrings - Golds { R }

e.marie // Alisa Necklace - Golds


*B.D.R.* Katina Swimsuit Legacy


My House

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