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●~●~ Jenny WAP ~●~●

Featuring: Altamura / Glitter / The Bearded Guy

Altamura / Glitter @ eBento

Altamura Jenny Full Body (head and body) & AS Andromeda Altamura BOM skin fatpack

Glitter Ambra Fitmesh Dress and Patnies

Event dates: September 11-30

eBento Links: SLURL / Flickr / Facebook

The Bearded Guy Sweet Orgasm Hotel Room @ Kinky Event

The Bearded Guy Links: SLURL / Flickr

The Bearded Guy Owner: Lichi Moonwall

👜also wearing:

(Yummy) Brillar Earrings

MINIMAL - Arete Earrnings

Lamb. Honey Hair


*links reserved for sponsors

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Photography and Post Editing by WhoopCDaisy Yootz

My Flickr / Blogspot / Instagram / Effigy / Facebook / Pinterest

Photographed in Black Dragon 64x - Update 3.8.10 "Enhancing Dragon"

Raw Shot:

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